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Tools to make sharing your
faith more effective than ever

How to share your faith

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We're thrilled that you're excited about sharing your faith. It's one of the most important commands of Scripture, and the only way most people get to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. There are many ways to share your faith, and many tools available. The Pocket Testament League comes alongside other sharing approaches to make you even more effective. Giving someone the Word of God is one of the most powerful ways you can share.

Making it easy to share

To share your faith, you just casually hand one of our small, pocket-sized Gospel of John booklets to someone you meet. We encourage you to dedicate a pocket to the Lord and place a Gospel in your pocket every morning. Prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit to show you an opportunity to give it away. You'll be surprised how receptive people are to your special gift when you offer these high quality Gospels. Just give them out and trust God for the results.

Our Gospels include a helpful section that gives more details about how to become a Christian, complete with suggested wording for a prayer the reader can use to tell God about the attitude of his or her heart.

To make the most of this feature, read the text of the Plan of Salvation with the person you're sharing with, then ask them if the suggested prayer reflects the attitude of their heart. If so, invite them to pray the prayer with you and read it aloud (or any prayer expressing a similar attitude of the heart) with the other person repeating the words after you.

Those who make a decision for Christ can fill out information about their decision on a special page near the back of the Gospel, where they will also find a form to request our free follow-up correspondence course.

Our website provides some helpful information to make your sharing even more effective.

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