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Giving Gospels

The only thing as cool as giving Gospels
is giving to make them possible

Ways to give to the League

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We're able to give away Gospels of John and other sharing resources each year because friends of the League are graciously giving to make it possible. It takes less than the price of a postage stamp to print a Gospel. Can you think of a more cost-effective way to share God's Word with the world around you?

There are several ways you can give to the League:

Online giving
Gifts by postal mail
Gifts by telephone
Pre-authorized monthly giving
Estates and Annuities
Special opportunities

Online Giving

Give NowYou can give online at any time through our secure server by using your credit card. Gifts may be made as one-time or recurring gifts with a variety of options.

We encourage you to become a sponsor of members who don't have the financial means to cover the cost of their Gospels, such as high school students, seniors on a fixed income, the disabled or unemployed. These are some of our most active members, and depend on sponsors to be able to share the Word of God with others. Sponsors receive E-mail updates showing how their gifts are being used to help others share their faith.

Gifts by Postal Mail

To give using traditional postal mail, just write a check made out to The Pocket Testament League and mail it to:

The Pocket Testament League
PO Box 800
Lititz PA 17543-7026

Gifts by Telephone

To give by phone using your credit card, please call toll free 1-844-376-2538.

Pre-Authorized Monthly Giving

Some people prefer to arrange their giving on a regular basis. This avoids the need to fill out a check each month and find an envelope and postage to mail it in. We have an automated gifts process where the funds you choose to give can be automatically transferred every month. Naturally you can cancel at any time and you may change the amount of your monthly gift at any time.

To receive a copy of the pre-authorized donation form, please contact . You can also make automated recurring gifts online using your credit card. You can set your gift to repeat monthly, quarterly or annually. To set up a recurring online gift, visit our online giving page at

Estates and Annuities

Wouldn't it be wonderful if, after you are called to Heaven, the money you left behind could continue to reach lost souls here on earth? It can, through an Estate gift! Many people wish to leave part of their estate to the League. This is an excellent way to ensure that some of what you've accumulated during your life is used in a meaningful way to continue your ministry efforts after you're received home by Jesus.

We also have an annuity plan where you contribute a gift, receiving a tax deduction and guaranteed income for the rest of your life. Your gift is used to support the efforts of the League, allowing your gift to generate income for you while it reaches lost souls for Jesus Christ all over the nation.

For more information about estates or annuities, please request information using our convenient web feedback form. Just select "Estates and Annuities" from the popup menu at the beginning of the form.

Special Opportunities

Some people like to support special opportunities as a way of putting their gifts to work on a larger scale.

For example, you might choose to sponsor the Gospels shared by our members for an entire week, or entire month. Perhaps your heart is especially touched by the desire to print a million Gospels (large print runs are especially cost effective), or to help sponsor new initiatives that increase our effectiveness in reaching the lost. You can sponsor special covers or presentations to Christian audiences.

A detailed list of our current key initiatives is available here. Please look it over to see if there's something that touches your heart.

To discuss special giving opportunities, please use our convenient web feedback form or contact .

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